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Alabama has an annual low against LSU, but it looks a bit scary when Tiger is closed

Alabama fans, breathe a sigh of relief.

The top team Tide has defeated the # 3 of the College Football Playoffs, the LSU, which this year is considered the first "real" competition of the Tide, in a 29-0 Snoozer. It not only won the SEC West championship, but also lifted the team's biggest remaining competition in the regular season.

More importantly, Alabama has proven that it can win without any other performance from Tua Tagovailoa.

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Tagovailoa showed brilliant flashes against the LSU, completed 25 of 42 passes for 295 yards and two touchdowns, and exploded for a 44-yard touchdown run (which may have sealed his case for the Heisman trophy.) But LSU beats Alabama like no other back team, and it showed up with Tagovailoa, who sometimes looked gimpy for the third consecutive game.

He threw his first interception of the year. He seemed impatient in his litters. He was behind with the recipients (this also applies to the secondary LSU). He looked good, yes, but also – let's not dare – mortal.

Fortunately for Alabama, the good old-fashioned way of winning in 2018 turned out to be as good as it always was.

Coach Nick Saban said about the performance of his team:

"I'm satisfied with the way we played today, this is a difficult place to play, you know, we also wanted to make a kind of statement about what our team is talking about, people talking about our schedule, and so on, but me thought our players did a great job. "

Nowhere was this more obvious than in Alabama's defense. It looked better than the entire season, so the tigers were limited to a total of 196 yards, including only 12 on the ground. Fairly, this is also due to the obvious shortcomings of the LSU that have been exposed in a way that only Alabama can show.

Alabama's blessed Front Seven – there's still one, you know – gave Joe Burrow the SEC treatment, dismissing the state of Ohio five times and limiting it to 18 out of 35 passages for 184 yards and one interception. Nobody looked better than Lineman Quinnen Williams, who continued to play with three sacks on the NFL draft boards. Credit linebacker Mack Wilson for an acrobatic interception in the fourth quarter in the final zone of the Tiger's last action to seal the Tide's first closure this season – nothing more than a point of pride at this point.

Overall, Alabama forced nine punts, a failed field trial, and a red zone interception, resulting in this incredible status: The Tide has recorded consecutive stoppages at night in Death Valley.

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That was not half. For those who wondered if Alabama can pierce the rugged defense of the LSU, do not be surprised. In the first half alone, The Tide put up 120 yards against a Tigers defense that was over without the announced Middle Defender Devin White, who was suspended in the LSU's last game for a penalty penalty for the first 30 minutes.

LSU fans, including politician and Tigers rooter James Carville, chipped over White's controversial absence, but the tide had more rushing yards in the second half (161) with White in the game. It was reminiscent of Tide teams who burned their livelihood in recent decades with defense mechanisms.

Damien Harris crashed 19 times to 107 yards and a touchdown. Najee Harris rushed six times for 83 yards. How did you play so well on Saturday? Take a look at how Alabama was a successful tour de force this year. The Tide shot through the air so fast and so efficiently that the upper back did not have to stay in the game to make sure they were fresh in games like this, where plucking and rubbing matter more than flashing.

It's true that Alabama hit a low of 29 points on Saturday, well below the Tide average of 54.1 points per game. That's sometimes to be expected, even for a team that looks as scary as Alabama.

Now we see again that the tide can rush past you and bring you to submission? That must make her look a lot more frightening.



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