Alabama star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was Dealing with a sprained knee until Saturday's game against Missouri, and it seems he worsens it further against Missouri Saturday night. He stayed in the field for a few minutes after slipping on a 9-yard 11:37 track in the third quarter, but jogged straight to the medical tent on the Crimson Tide sideline.

He stayed in the medical tent for a few minutes before his parents came down from the stands and entered the tent with their son. They stayed in the tent for a few minutes before reappearing about 10 minutes later while their son stayed. He came out of the tent at just over 4:00 to play with his knee brace again, limping noticeably and went straight into the Huddle offensive.

ESPN sideline reporter Todd McShay has since revealed that Tagovailoa is questionable to return, but mostly due to the fact that the Tide cruise past Mizzou.

It was clear during the game that Tagovailoa was taking care of his knee, which was in a brace all night. He left the game shortly after being knocked down in the second quarter and was unable to throw as much power as he usually does. He was 12-of-22 for 265 yards and three touchdowns before the injury. Those who watched him throughout the year know that 10 incompletencies in a game for the hero of the national title game last year are not entirely normal.


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