Before the controversy around the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, there was the one around that of Alain Bashung. Jean-Marc Morandini is also devoting an issue of his program Héritages, this Thursday, October 22 on NRJ12, the succession of the singer who died in 2009 at the age of 61. For the occasion, Closer invites you to discover whether, yes or no, Alain Bashung had, indeed, disinherited his son, Arthur born in 1983 from his union with his second wife, Chantal Monteraselli.

After the death of his father, Arthur has a bad surprise when he discovers the singer’s will. Indeed, he discovers then that the copyrights, artistic benefits, goods, furniture and personal effects of Alain Bashung have been transferred to Chloé Mons, the woman his father married in 2001. It is Chantal, the mother of ‘Arthur, who made his revelations, in 2018, when the controversy around the legacy of Johnny Hallyday begins. Directly attacked, Chloé Mons comes out of the silence in the columns of Paris Match where she ensures: “No, Arthur was not disinherited”.

Chloé Mons, last wife of Alain Bashung: “The money did not go only to me”

“For 9 years, I have heard noises from the corridors that are quite infamous to me. For 9 years, I had chosen not to give in, to remain silent, because it is a form of dignity and elegance. Two weeks ago I was attacked head on again. So I decided to open it “, she explains initially to justify her speaking. Chloé Mons, mother of Poppea born in 2001, then explains that the justice system proved her right: “We see in particular in the judgment rendered by the court which was distributed the money. It did not go only to me. In this judgment, it is interesting to see that the terms of the will are repeated. These are sentences. that Alain had written, it was his will. No one was deprived, Alain was extremely fair with everyone “.

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