Alain Delon: his illegitimate son with Nico tells how his mother dragged him into the hell of drugs


On the occasion of a biopic that comes out on the last days of his mother – the pop icon Nico – Ari Boulogne (son that Alain Delon has never recognized) returns on how the latter introduced him to drugs tough. Nico 1988 , this is the title of a biopic that comes out this week and retraces the last European tour of the pop singer-muse Nico who will die in a stupid bike accident in Ibiza. In her life, the muse of Velvet Underground had three passions: music, drugs and her son Ari she had with Alain Delon in the early 60s. If the sacred monster of French cinema has always denied this paternity, his mother – Edith – recognized the traits Delon and took under his wing the one who testifies today in the columns of Sunday newspaper . From his parent, Ari Boulogne will not say anything, preferring to pay homage to his mother whose end of life on the big screen does not correspond to anything that the little boy lived at the time. “At the moment, I was polite with the director [ Susanna Nicchiarelli note] and I told him it was not bad, admits Ari Boulogne. But in hindsight, I find that this film obscures much of the truth […] My mother was not that woman. ” >>> Anthony Delon charges his father Alain Delon, “Alone and unhappy” Wishing to restore the truth about his mother Nico, Ari Boulogne draws an uncompromising portrait of the one who made him jump on his knees. Andy Warhol . “For me, she was a very good mother, He says. She gave me everything. Even the drug, I lived it thoroughly with her without it being a problem. From my 16 years to the end, we shared the drug, the same syringe. It was a way of being together. ” We know others but …


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