Alain Delon violent? This movie star who decided to swing everything on TV!


A few days ago, the actress Adèle Haenel told Mediapart being a victim when she was younger"Fondling" and of "bullying" from the director Christophe Ruggia. A strong testimony that sounded like a shockwave in the French film industry and far beyond. In addition to the support of many brothers and sisters, the actress twice césarisée was able to count on that of the Society of Film Directors (SRF). The professional association, which has nearly 300 members, has announced that it has decided to cancel the 54-year-old producer.

Guest on the set of BFM TV to talk about this case, the director Coline Serreau also reacted by saying: "What is very beautiful in the testimony of Adele is that it does not incriminate only one person, it is not in a problem of personal revenge, it denounces (…) the patriarchal system general in which we are us women. "

Then she continued her intervention by attacking Alain Delon and recounting his meeting with Marie Laforêt in an elevator. "Marie Laforêt, who was a wonderful actress, the first thing Alain Delon told her when he met her, 'Do you want me to jump you?', In an elevator, what's that ?!", said the one who realized Three men and a bassinet, Crisis or Beautiful green. "And we know he said, he bragged about beating a lot of women!" Cannes is a very respectful retrospective of this type! ", she said, annoyed.

Marie Laforêt and Alain Delon: enemies forever …

In an interview with the magazine France Sunday in 2017, Alain Wodrascka, Marie Laforêt's biographer, was enthusiastic about the actress's complicated relationship with Alain Delon. "In 1959, on the set of Full Sun, René Clément's film, Maurice Ronet and Delon snubbed her"he had said. Then in 2004, at France Evening, the principal concerned had expressed herself cheetah : "I have never had any relation with him (…) Alain is not funny, he has no humor, is not even intelligent".

If the interpreter It snowed on yesterday passed away on November 2nd at the age of 80, The Parisian revealed that the star has breathed his last breath in the same Swiss clinic that the one where Alain Delon was admitted after suffering a stroke …

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