Alain-Fabien Delon on the show – This is the Youtube program / Screenshot

It has the merit of being clear. This Tuesday, February 12, Alain-Fabien Delon was invited on the set of It's on the program on France 2 to talk about his first novel Of the race of lords. And that morning, he was awake awake, and had warned of his mood as soon as he arrived on the set.

"He's good and good, and it stops there"

When the host of the show Sophie Davant asks him to quote something he would like to remember from his father
Alain Delon, the young writer seems very annoyed by the question. "I do not see why I should make a choice of what to keep. He made me, my mother made me, my friends made me and that's fine like that. I do not need to choose from a catalog what I have to keep from him, he said. He's good and good, and it stops at that. I will not do the psychiatric analysis of my dad on the set. "

An answer that was clearly not expected of his interlocutor, who for all that was quick to follow on another issue.


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