Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Home News Alain Juppé, Ghosn case, carbon tax ... The main news of this...

Alain Juppé, Ghosn case, carbon tax … The main news of this Wednesday

Constitutional Council. To everyone's surprise, former Prime Minister Alain Juppé was proposed on Wednesday to succeed Lionel Jospin on the Constitutional Council where he will join Senators Jacques Mézard and François Pillet.

Carlos Ghosn. The main lawyer of the Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian leader, Arrested on November 19 and detained since in a jail in Tokyo for alleged financial malpractice, announced withdraw from the file. No reason was given to explain this decision. As revealed this morning Release, Renault will not pay a non-compete indemnity to Carlos Ghosn, which corresponds to two years of fixed and variable compensation, nor share-based compensation for the years 2015 to 2018.

Carbon tax. The deputy (formerly LREM) Matthieu Orphelin, at the origin of a forum published in Le Figaro and signed by 86 deputies from several political groups arguingfor a socially just carbon tax, Said he did not defend "the return to the carbon tax". Our article.

Journalism. The management of the School of Journalism Grenoble (EJDG) expressed indignation at the discovery of the existence on Facebook of a private group where former students targeted fellow students with "hateful".

Belgium. Airspace shutdown, transport disruption, pickets: Belgium idled on Wednesday due to a general strike called by the main unions for better wages.

Semitism. The German government has recorded a sharp rise in antisemitic crimes and offenses in 2018, which reach their highest level in nearly a decade, according to preliminary statistics released at the request of MPs. In total, 1,646 antisemitic acts were recorded last year, an increase of 9.4% compared to 2017. Our article.

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