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Alain Juppé leaves Bordeaux City Hall for the Constitutional Council

Many observers were expecting a new candidacy from Alain Juppé at Bordeaux City Hall. For many months, each press conference was the opportunity for a game of cat and mouse with journalists, the current mayor and president of the city leaving doubt floating and postponing the decision to go represent. The case is now closed: appointed to the Constitutional Council, Alain Juppe, 73, will leave his chair. The confirmation of this information published by LCI has been confirmed at La Tribune by his entourage.

"The President of the National Assembly proposed to appoint me to the Constitutional Council. I thank him for this proposal which honors me. I accepted it. I decided, several months ago, not to represent myself in the municipal election of March 2020. I intended to announce this decision in the aftermath of the European elections at the end of May. My appointment will upset this calendar. It is with great emotion that I prepare to leave my duties as mayor and president of the metropolis of Bordeaux which have brought me so much happiness. I will give my reasons to the people of Bordeaux at a press briefing tomorrow at 11 am at the Hôtel de Ville."

The election of a new mayor will take place at the next city council of Bordeaux, presumably scheduled on March 25 according to the official website of the town hall. According to the General Code of Local Government, if Alain Juppé resigned by then, it is his first assistant, Virginie Calmels, who would take over until the election. This point will probably be clarified tomorrow at the press conference.

Former Prime Minister (1995-1997), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1993-1995 then 2011-2012) and ephemeral Minister of Ecology (2007), Alain Juppé was Mayor of Bordeaux for nearly 22 years, from 1995 to 2004 then from 2006 to 2019. In 2004, he was sentenced to 14 months suspended imprisonment and one year of ineligibility for unlawful taking of interest. He also chaired the Urban Community of Bordeaux (1995-2004) then the Metropolis (since 2014).

Composed of nine members, the Constitutional Council is responsible for monitoring the conformity of the law with the Constitution. This is a nine-year term renewed by thirds. Three members are appointed by decision of the President of the Republic, which also designates the President of the Council. Three members are appointed by the President of the National Assembly and three others by the President of the Senate.

This decision completely rebates the cards in the perspective of the municipal elections of 2020. But also questions on the metropolis. "I'm surprised because everyone thought he was going to leave. Entering the Constitutional Council is an honorary position and very interesting but Alain Juppé still had so much to build in Bordeaux and in the metropolis … I did not expect it. As a metropolitan elector, this decision generates a form of anxiety because it is also the departure of an emblematic figure to one year of elections in the metropolis. This asks about the future guideline of this metropolis, on co-management (between the right and the left that prevails for years, Ed), "says Alain Turby hotly, mayor of Carbon-Blanc and metropolitan adviser in charge of digital.

Mylène Villanove, municipal and metropolitan councilor in charge of territorial cooperation, very moved over the phone, greets "the decision of a statesman who assumes his responsibilities".


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