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Alain Juppé leaves Bordeaux City Hall to join the Constitutional Council

The former prime minister, who seemed to have drawn a line on national responsibilities, was proposed as a future "sage" by the president of the assembly.

By Jean-Baptiste Jacquin and Cédric Pietralunga Posted today at 17h07, updated at 20h09

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The Constitutional Council is preparing to welcome three new members, chosen by the President of the Republic and the Presidents of the Senate and the National Assembly. If there was little suspense about the choice of the former minister Jacques Mézard by Emmanuel Macron and the senator of the party Republicans (LR) François Pillet by Gerard Larcher, Richard Ferrand kept the mystery to the end .

While the rumor announced the President of the Court of Accounts, Didier Migaud, a choice that would have been blown by the Head of State, the President of the Assembly has finally decided to propose Alain Juppé. A major surprise as the mayor of Bordeaux seemed to want to stay in Aquitaine and no longer interfere in national affairs.

In a statement, the mayor of Bordeaux says he has "Accepted" this proposal and announces that he will not stand for re-election in the 2020 municipal election:

"It is with great emotion that I prepare to leave my post as mayor and president of the Bordeaux metropolis, which has given me so much happiness. I will give my reasons to the people of Bordeaux during a press briefing [jeudi à 11 heures] ".

These three personalities, all men, will have to pass in hearing before the commissions of the laws of the two assemblies before being able to succeed to Lionel Jospin, Michel Charasse and Jean-Jacques Hyest, whose mandate ends on March 11th.

In the hybrid assay of the Constitutional Council, composed of nine members, including four women currently, it is therefore the political career that has this time been favored over the profiles of academics or judges. Laurent Fabius, who chairs the Palais Royal, has always been pleased that it is not reserved for lawyers but open to personalities who have participated in the making of the law or government decisions.

"We keep both ends of the omelette"

By offering the job to Alain Juppé, the executive attaches one of the figures on the right and opens the door to an agreement during the next elections, the European elections on May 26, 2019 and the municipal elections in 2020. "By choosing Mezard [ancien membre du parti radical de gauche] and Juppé, we hold both ends of the omelette ", rejoices one of the strategists of Macronie, in reference to an expression used in 2015 by the former prime minister, broke with the LR party.

"It may be necessary to think one day to cut the ends of the omelette so that reasonable people govern together and leave aside the two extremes, right and left, who have understood nothing in the world", had explained in Point who was then a candidate for the primary of the right. A strategy successfully adopted two years later by Emmanuel Macron.

The choice of Jacques Mézard looks like a reward for the one who had been minister of territorial cohesion in the government of Edouard Philippe until the reshuffle of October 2018. He had since found his chair as a radical senator of Cantal. "It was the way to calmly get him out of government when he was not unworthy", decrypts a parliamentarian from The Republic On The Move (LRM). The native of Aurillac was particularly opposed to the reduction to 80 km / h speed on the roads, decided by Edouard Philippe, which caused tensions with the Prime Minister.

As for François Pillet, senator of Cher, attached to the group The Republicans, is a former lawyer, close to Philippe Bas, chairman of the commission of laws of the palace of Luxembourg, and Gerard Larcher. Aged 73 (Mr Juppé), 71 (Mr Mézard) and 68 (Mr Pillet), the three men are preparing to be appointed for a nine-year term.

Jean-Baptiste Jacquin and Cédric Pietralunga

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