Alain Mathot still in the shadow of Cristal Park in May 2021

Alain Mathot details the problems and the actions to be taken to finally bring to fruition this economic and real estate development plan which “has been going on for many years with all the twists and turns we’ve had”. To begin with, the “the issue of housing estates is very divisive [sic]”. Alain Mathot proposes a solution: the public real estate company – an offshoot of the City of Seraing – must buy this part of the project. The price appears further on: 5,350,000 euros. : the land of these housing estates that the City must buy belonged to it indirectly through the Sérésian house… which sold them to Immoval… which has not yet paid for them *. lands it once owned.

“We wish” writes the former mayor who seems to include himself among the decision-makers

Alain Mathot then notes that there is a conflict of interest on the part of Pierre Grivegnée. He is “the boss of all the structures. All these caps prevent him from concentrating on his true objective, namely the realization of the commercial pole.” The former mayeur then speaks in “we”as if he included himself among those who decide in Seraing: “We would like two people to take over the management of Immoval and that of Cristal Discovery respectively.”

Who does Alain Mathot mean by this “we” who “want to” ? Himself, it seems logical. Then, the alderman Crapanzano reputed to be close to him, who is the recipient of his plan and whom he proposes to appoint to the Board of Immoval. Mayor Bekaert? Or is he imposing his will on her? Francis Bekaert no longer rules out the possibility of having been manipulated. There remains one last character: Pierre Grivegnée, boss of Immoval, and whose previous writing, which is available to Le Vif and RTBF, resembles Alain Mathot’s email like a brother.

The plan sent by the former mayor has begun to be applied. The management of Immoval actually changed at the beginning of the year, following the plan concocted by the former mayor. Pierre Grivegnée has been ousted. However, the person who took over his charge is not the one proposed by Alain Mathot. This one, whom we contacted, explains that she was approached “between two doors” and immediately responding that the job did not interest him.

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