Alan Rodríguez: his great moment in Boston River, the most difficult decision and the adaptation to life as a father – Ovation – 06/08/2022

Boston River The year began with the goal of adding certain points, but as the championship progressed, the players realized that the team was up for more. The great campaign is due to the request of Ignacio Ithurralde: have the ball and be the leading team. The result accompanied and now the team enjoys its moment. One of the tailor’s young talents is Allan Rodriguez, who turned 22 this year. The midfielder was the starter and captain in the 15 duels. He learned that he would be in charge of wearing the tape last year when, in a talk, the DT named some players with “different ways of leading.” As the months went by, Alan learned more about the environment and his way of training, his seriousness and his ability to solve problems, they won the arm wrestling match.

“He doesn’t care about age, but how each one acts,” explains Rodríguez, who was always versatile, but who at Sastre plays whatever he feels most comfortable with.

From the third practice he had to ally himself with Joseph Alberti from behind, they tested each other in a friendly and the chemistry between them blossomed. It was not entirely a coincidence, despite the fact that Alberti is three years older, the seed of a great bond had been sown when Alan saw him play at 19 de Abril de Las Piedras, the baby soccer club attended by both soccer players, now friends.

Making decisions is growing

The hardest decision Alan had to make in his life was leaving. Defensor Sporting after 11 years. “You never know if it’s the right thing or not until time tells you. Today I think it was the right decision”, says Alan, who arrived at Sastre in April 201 in search of minutes. The first months the doubt remained and the feeling that it was his house played “against” him. Even playing against his last club was quite a challenge: “I couldn’t enjoy it very much, I felt a bit of anguish because it was difficult to get so many years at the club out of my head and think that I had to beat them. But I tried to be as professional as possible,” he recalls. What if he would return to it later? He said yes.

a revelation

Undoubtedly, he was one of the highlights of the Apertura and solidified himself in the Sastre eleven and this aroused the interest of many teams. Alan asked his representative not to tell him about the proposals that are in the air. For now he wants to be calm and despite the fact that they relate him to several teams or markets, including the big ones and even Europe, he does not want to know anything until June 16, when the transfer market opens. The same is required of his family and his girlfriend, Luciana, with whom he has a son named Benicio.

“I tell them to get out of it a little bit. I don’t think people will know more than me if I’m going or not. Enjoy with me the moment and the good campaign we did. If the time comes to make a decision to leave or there is an offer, you will enjoy it much more if it comes as a surprise, ”says Alan, he wants to emphasize that he likes to be focused on the present.

Alan, Luciana and Benicio.
Alan, Luciana and Benicio.

The arrival at Sastre and the relationship with the coaching staff

Upon arriving in Boston, he was received very well and met former teammates like Gastón Álvarez, today in Getafe, and Santiago Silva. In addition to some acquaintances who lived like him in Las Piedras. With Ithurralde (39 years old) he got along very well right away and since the arrival of the DT, everyone has learned. “Before, it was more difficult for him to make decisions because it was reflected in the faces of the players, because he still feels part of it,” says Alan, adding: “I get on remarkably well with the entire coaching staff. We don’t just talk about football, sometimes we We stay talking about personal things, we act as psychologists among ourselves. We stay for several hours to drink mate and chat after practice. The atmosphere is divine”.

A topic that is not played before Intermission

Boston River
The formation of Boston River in Trinidad against Cerro Largo. Photo: @bostonriver

The transfer market is something that is rarely talked about in the locker room. “We formed such a nice group and there is that fear of who was going to leave. It was a subject that no one wanted to touch. That is why we try to enjoy ourselves and whoever is welcome is if it is to improve.

Boston River resumes the Uruguayan Championship with the debut against Plaza Colonia in the Intermediate Tournament and they will face it as the Apertura: “The objective is to reach the final or become champion. We can’t set ourselves another goal knowing the campaign we did, when the players we have are raising their level. But always with his feet on the ground” concludes Alan Rodríguez with conviction.

since your arrival

Alan Rodríguez has played 3,876 minutes spread over 44 duels with the Boston River jersey and scored three goals if the 2021 Uruguayan Championship and the 2022 Opening Tournament are taken into account.