Alarming heat wave in Tunis and Texas

Correspondents around the world

A view of downtown Tunis in Tunisia. ©

In Tunisia as in Texas, the heat stroke is particularly felt. In Tunis, the streets of the Tunisian capital are deserted in the afternoon. Summer arrived a little early, enough to arouse the concern of the inhabitants. The temperatures which came close to 45°C a few days ago – 10°C higher than the average for the season – maintain a feeling of fear-panic. Tunisians are wondering what their summer will look like. In the United States, summer heat with temperatures ranging between 37 and 40 degrees is customary in southern states such as Arizona, New Mexico or Texas. But this year, in this last state where it is known to be hot between May and October, one question is on everyone’s mind: will the electricity grid hold up? Alarming heat wave all over the world, details through this overview of our correspondents: Amira Souilem in Tunis and Thomas Harms in Texas.