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– 6:04 – 09/16/2018

  • To test the use of renewable fuels in commercial aviation

Photo: Dreamstime.

Alaska Airlines has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the renewable energy company Neste to improve the technology and efficiency of fuel consumption of its aircraft through the use of biofuel.

Under this agreement, Alaska will collaborate with Neste to test the use of renewable fuels in the commercial aviation sector. "This collaboration is another great step towards the defense of the health of our communities and ecosystems," maintains the director of sustainability of the airline, Kirk Myers. Neste's biofuel, explains Alaska, has been tested "on thousands" of commercial flights and airlines can adopt their use without the need to buy new engines or change their supply system.

This project is part of the plan that Alaska Airlines shares with other airlines to reduce their CO2 emissions. "The aviation sector has set very ambitious targets to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, including a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions between 205 and 2050," he says. In addition, the airline is looking for "operational efficiencies" such as aircraft design, route optimization, and paper cabin recycling. "Alaska has a long history of pioneering alliances to reduce its impact, and this agreement is another step in this direction," says the airline.

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