• A magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit the Aleutian Islands in Alaska on Monday
  • – The quake was felt by the inhabitants of Kodiak Island, the town of Homer and even Anchorage, but the strongest was in the Aleutian Islands, which stretched from the end of the Alaska Peninsula almost to Kamchatka itself – says Damian Hadas, who has been living in Alaska for almost two years
  • As he reports, alarm sirens wailed, indicating a possible tsunami threat
  • The Pole points out that the residents are aware of the threat and are being prepared for it from childhood
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The epicenter of the quake with magnitude 7.5 took place approximately 90 kilometers south-east of Sand Point in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. The incident happened on Monday just before 1pm local time. As Damian Hadaś notes, it was a similar earthquake that occurred in this region on July 22 this year. (Its magnitude was estimated at 7.8).

– The quake was felt by the inhabitants of Kodiak Island, the town of Homer and even Anchorage, but it shook the most in the Aleutian Islands, which extend from the tip of the Alaska Peninsula almost to Kamchatka itself. The chain of these islands lies on the so-called The Pacific Ring of Fire, which is a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These islands are relatively sparsely populated, and the total number of inhabitants scattered across many smaller towns does not exceed here 10 thousand people – explains a Pole living in Anchorage.

As he reports, soon after the quake in the towns of the Aleutian Islands Alarm sirens wailed, indicating a possible tsunami threat. – Videos that can be found on the web show shaking furniture in homes as well panicked animalsfor which quakes can be quite traumatic. Residents calmly turned to higher altitudes, to avoid possible wave risk. The workers at the Sand Point fish processing plant were taken by school coaches to school buildingwhich serves the village as the main one evacuation center. During the first hour after the main quake, as many as 10 aftershocks were recorded, of which as many as 7 with magnitude above 5.0. Tsunami Threat withdrawn for the entire region after a few hoursand the inhabitants returned to their homes. There is no information about serious losses, and most importantly, about any victims of the quake, he explains.

– Everyone in Alaska, especially in the Aleutian Islands, is aware of the risk of earthquakes. Inhabitants know the evacuation plan, know where to go and they also have bags that they can take with them in the event of a major earthquake. Such luggage will contain the most necessary things for a few days – including food, water and clothes – notes Damian.

In the event of an earthquake in Alaska, it is already preparing kids. In school, they learn appropriate behavior during special classes. Just like people at home, they are prepared in many schools emergency bags with essential products.

– Earthquakes occur in Alaska very regularly, and sensitive apparatus are noticed shock an average of up to fifteen minutes. However, only a small number of them are with us felt. Last Thursday (October 15), residents of Anchorage (the largest city of Alaska) surprised short shockwhose epicenter was only 30 km from the city center. Fortunately, the magnitude 4.1 shock did not cause any losses, he says.

Aleutian Islands, Alaska – Shutterstock

As Damian adds at the end, Alaska and its inhabitants are aware of living in such a seismically active region.

– After the tragic earthquake of 1964 (magnitude 9.2 – the second strongest earthquake in the world in the entire history of measurements), as a result of which over 130 people died, a number of measures have been taken in Alaska to prevent similar tragedies in the future. Suitable education, construction techniques, monitoring and communication make that even such a strong quake as the one on November 30, 2018, magnitude 7.0, near Anchorage, took no deaths. After the quake, Anchorage experienced regular aftershocks for over a year, he stressed.


Damian Hadaś – She comes from Wałbrzych. He has been living in Alaska for almost two years. He runs an office Niceland. You can also follow his adventures on Facebook “Direction Alaska”. Damian has been associated with the tourism industry for many years, leading groups in the most beautiful corners of Iceland, Norway, Georgia and Nepal. He tries to pass on his environmental education and sincere love for nature during all his trips.

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