Albert Puyol | fashions

Albert Puyol (Barcelona, ​​1957) is one of the greatest Spanish experts in the fashion sector. The executive was CEO of Brownie, a company specializing in young fashion, between 2015 and May 2018. Previously, Puyol worked as director of strategy and marketing at Sociedad Textil Lonia, where he joined in 2014. The manager learned the rules of the business from the great distribution in Gallina Blanca (where he started working at the age of 27) and later in Agrolimen. After leading the launch of the Belcor underwear brand in Vivesa (Vf), Puyol joined Women’secret in 1994, owned by Grupo Cortefiel (now Tendam). At the end of 2005 he announced his departure from the chain and, weeks later, he joined Loewe. Puyol was in charge of restructuring the LVMH luxury firm, but he left his post suddenly in 2009 to change sectors and join Cirsa. His tenure at the gaming group was short and since then he has worked as a consultant at TCN and Azzaro, owned by Reig Capital Group. Puyol is part of the Parfois board of directors.