Albert Verlinde and Onno Hoes can start their new life

Nobody could have imagined that the couple would ever find happiness together again when they announced their breakup in the fall of 2014. During their 22 years together, Albert and Onno survived a serious love crisis twice. Onno’s extramarital affair with toyboy Ruud Schepers even led to a real scandal, but their love seemed to conquer that too. Nevertheless, Albert and Onno decided to get a divorce.


The two are now happier than ever. ‘Despite that affair, Onno and I have never really separated,’ Albert now tells in Nouveau. ‘Someone can go off the rails, but that doesn’t have to be lifelong.’ Albert also raises his own heart. ‘That it could happen was also because I was very busy with my work, especially at a time when he had a lot to deal with, such as the suicide of his brother-in-law Antonie Kamerling and the death of both his parents. Maybe I didn’t give him the support he needed then. But the bond between Onno and me is very deeply rooted. We’ve been together for thirty years. Not just anyone or anything gets in the way of that.’ Albert and Onno, who are overjoyed that they have found each other again, have proved that love conquers all.

Image: Peter Smulders

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