Alberth Elis reveals offers from four European countries: ‘I know I am in the eyes of various teams’

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Alberth Elis is committed and motivated, seeks to have with the Honduras National Team an outstanding participation in the Gold Cup 2021. This may set a final pattern due to interest from clubs from Portugal, England, Russia and France who seek to sign the Boavista attacker.

He is concentrating on the Bicolor after undergoing surgery on June 11 after an injury to the meniscus of the posterior horn on the right side of his left knee.

How is the recovery going?

It’s been a week now, I’ve been improving day by day and workouts have increased little by little. Everything has worked out in the best way and this Monday I already hope to train together with the whole team 100%.

Will he arrive in optimal physical and football conditions to the Gold Cup?

Yes, that is what I have been working for, to reach 100%. Everything is going very well, there is little time left and we must put ourselves to the full, first of all, God, as it may be, to reach 100%.

He decided to play the Gold Cup and not be with the U-23, and he saw it as an illusion, why?

I think the Gold Cup is the second most important national team tournament for us after the World Cup. This is the Senior Team and I want to be here thinking that September is coming, the month of the tie, and that will be important to unite and arrive in the best shape for the tie.


What is Honduras’s goal in the Gold Cup?

Whenever you go to these types of tournaments, you go with the thought of winning them, but we know that it is not easy. The rivals also prepare, you have to go game by game. The mentality should always be to win, that’s what you train for, that’s why we’ve worked pretty hard. You have to be physically well because it will be played every three days. The group of players is doing very well, we feel 100% motivated and wanting to do well in the Gold Cup.

In the last Gold Cup it did not go as expected, it did not pass the group stage, do you take this tournament as a rematch?

That Gold Cup to which we went left us a great learning that is going to be important in this Gold Cup. We cannot trust our rivals. We will play again in Houston, which is a city that is quite hot. We know that this tournament will not be easy, but we are very good and we are motivated because we have a great team and we can do things well.

By playing in Houston do you think they will get that good atmosphere because of you, Maynor Figueroa and Boniek García?

In Houston there are many Hondurans and they always want to see their national team play. The Honduran fans always identify with the National Team wherever they play, and I believe that this will not be the exception. Many fans will come to support us game by game and we hope to reach the final.

The League of Nations left a good image for Honduras, what will the National Team present for the Gold Cup?

Likewise, it is a process that has been carried out, working with the teacher, trying to do what he asks of us and we try to perfect all that. An improvement has been seen in the last games and we must improve for what is to come because practically these will be our last games to face the tie, and the team must show improvement. The more games we have, the more we will get to know each other, and the more clear the teacher’s idea will be.


Choco Lozano will not be there, but Jerry Bengtson will be there. How do you analyze this call?

We all know Jerry in the National Team and he has scored many goals. We know that he has a high level, he is a scorer. If he plays Quioto, Muma or anyone, we are all doing things well and we will all try to do well.

How do you see the questioning towards Choco Lozano and Jerry Bengtson?

When you are a footballer you have to get used to this kind of thing. When everything goes well they will love you, and when they go wrong you should know that there will be criticism. I do not see anything bad, one of a footballer must be focused on what he wants. You cannot keep a good or bad performance in a game because immediately the other game comes, another rematch.

Does Honduras make the list of being a favorite for the Gold Cup?

We all know that Mexico and the United States are the favorites in the area, it was seen in the Nations League. There were two good games against Mexico and the United States, we are 11 against 11. No matter who is the favorite, we will go out to win. Honduras is preparing for that, regardless of the rival we will go out to win.

Would it be good for Honduras to win the Gold Cup prior to the start of the tie?

Sure, you always want to be a champion wherever you are. We are motivated, we are hungry for victory, we want to do things well, but this is not to say, we must be ready and prepared, we must go match by match. You can’t think of a final when you haven’t even played the first match. We are working for that; the team’s mentality is to have an excellent tournament.

Granada, Panama and Qatar, what do you think of these adversaries?

I already had to play two Gold Cups and I more than anyone can tell you that you cannot trust any rival. Each game will be very important, seek to win. Nobody is going to give us anything, we must look for the matches.

Did the injury affect you emotionally?

Thank God everything has gone very well, it has already been three weeks since the operation. I have done a lot of work, everything has gone as expected and there are no complications, I hope to continue like this to reach the Gold Cup.

What are your individual expectations?

Every day I always try to improve, to be 100%. Nothing is easy. I like to be prepared to continue growing as a player.


What is the analysis of the tie for the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

We know that this year will be quite tough, we have to go by stage. First the Gold Cup, then the tie in September, which will be played in three games and it will not be easy. We must be 100% because in six months it will be known who will go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

His career is successful, he has played youth World Cups and an Olympiad, the only thing missing is the World Cup to be more valued …

Without a doubt, it is the dream of every soccer player, we were close to going to Russia 2018, so we are going for that classification to Qatar 2022. The National Team is improving, we want to be at a high level and score points in the tie, which is what you need to go to the World Cup.

Canada, El Salvador and the United States are the rivals in September, how many points do you think Honduras will achieve?

The truth is that you have to go game by game, you have to play them and win them. Whatever in the end the important thing is to get the most points.

Do you see Honduras in Qatar?

Of course, it is the mentality, it is the objective that we will be in Qatar. There are difficult moments and the important thing will be to stay together, we all want to go to Qatar.


Will he return to Boavista with so many offers on the table from England, France and Russia?

As a player you want more, I want to continue growing. I hope that there will be an opportunity to climb, that is what I have been looking for since I arrived in Portugal. I had a very regular season, now to wait for the opportunity to come and be prepared. If the opportunity comes I will seize it.

Was it difficult to adapt to European football?

It was a difficult stage, it cost me a bit, I got injured and had covid-19, then I got to know the league, the rivals and my level was increasing, that helped me.

Is it concrete that Porto wants it?

They have spoken, my representative has spoken with several clubs, I have a contract with Boavista and as long as nothing is official I will continue with Boavista.

Are you flattered that many clubs seek you out?

Of course, as a player, when they speak, rumors arrive, it gives you the indication that you are on the right track. I know that I am in the eyes of several teams and the important thing is to be prepared in case the moment comes and show a good level.

Are you ready to take the leap?

You work for that, for a great opportunity, I hope it comes. I have always prepared myself; if I get to leave my team to another I will be prepared for my next challenge.

What do you expect from the U23 in Tokyo?

They have a very good Selection, they showed it in the Pre-Olympic, the important thing is that they believe in their ability. I hope you can bring a medal, which would be very happy.



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