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Alberto Fernández on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict …

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Before meeting businessmen in Paris, Alberto Fernández said that the government waited “for the UN communiqué” to stop in the face of the worsening conflict in the Middle East.

“We read the UN communiqué and on its international position we wrote ours,” said Alberto Fernández, accompanied by Foreign Minister Felipe Solá.
And I add: “Our solidarity to the families suffering from the conflict in the Middle East”.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship explained that he received “the first information about the conflict” from the Secretary of Worship, Guillermo Oliveri. “We started working on that and then I called our ambassador to the United Nations (María del Carmen Squeff) who sent me a text with the official position of the United Nations,” the head of the Palacio San Martín explained.

In this way, the Government explained how it established its position, which was expressed in a statement from the Foreign Ministry, which was questioned by the Israeli ambassador in Buenos Aires, Galit Ronen. “They are attacking our country, there are many injured, the situation is serious. We did everything we could to avoid this. We see this statement with concern and it does not express the good relationship that exists between our countries,” said the diplomat. .

In January 2020, During a visit to Jerusalem, Alberto Fernández had called for “peaceful coexistence” between Israel and Palestine. “I leave this beautiful land with a dream: to see it live in peace with its neighbors and especially with the Palestinian people. Our country has always recognized, out of conviction and out of respect for the decisions of the United Nations, the existence of the two States and has always encouraged the peaceful coexistence between the two, “he had posted on his social networks.

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In this context, the head of state had acknowledged knowing “the complexity of the issue” of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, “which has not been solved for years,” and stressed: “We will never give up dreaming of peace.”

“If those Holocaust survivors were able to build this country, why couldn’t their successors find solutions to clearly less complicated problems? The need to live in peace should drive them,” the President had said.


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