Alberto Fernández’s lawyer anticipates that the lawsuit will reach the US because Pfizer will have to analyze what Bullrich said

Fernández’s lawyer confirmed that the lawsuit against Bullrich amounts to 100 million pesos and justified the sum. “In a world marked by the pandemic, where many people are dying and there is a president who is doing everything possible for public health, The fact that the president of the main opposition party talks about alleged returns and bribes, with 92 thousand deaths, is an unusual institutional gravity, so great that 100 million is the floor of what justice will surely finally determine when dictating judgment”Dalbón explained and confirmed that the President will donate the money to the Malbrán Institute.

Pfizer denied it, the CEO denied it in Deputies and said that nothing Bullrich said was true “said Dalbón while Bullrich now tries to deny having said it despite the fact that his television statements were recorded.

“It is not only because of the injury to the President, it is a very serious institutional issue, you can’t minimize what he did ” the lawyer insisted and insisted: “Now Bullrich is saying that he did not say what he said and it is all filmed.”

The application also requests that the sentence is read in all the same media that reproduced the fake news that Bullrich launched on LN +. “That is the only thing that interests the President,” concluded Dalbón.

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