Alberto will record a disco-polo song, but on one condition

Alberto accepted the proposal of his opponent, Marcin Dubiel. In the event of a loss at the High League 3 gala, the rapper is to record a disco-polo song.

During the “Rounds” before the High League 3 gala, Marcin Dubiel suggested that if Alberto loses with him, he should record a disco-polo song. – In case of a loss, I would like you to record a disco-polo song in which you will have to propose me – suggested YouTuber.

– Must it be a disco polo? We can do something happier, more top-notch – Alberto tried to negotiate at the beginning. After a while, however, he agreed. – In fact, what will I wonder about. Okay, okay, he said.

Alberto and Marcin Dubiel will compete at the High League 3 gala, which will take place on June 4 in Ergo Arena in Gdańsk.