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Aldi, Rewe & Co .: Why the 15-second rule is becoming increasingly important

In view of the new consumer wishes, the expert, who advises large retail chains, sees the survival chances of stationary retailing rise significantly.

Especially the small retailer could benefit from the fact that more and more often the special, the handmade, the regional is desired, production and origin of the goods should be transparently comprehensible. The consultant and seller is thereby indispensable than predicted.

"The near future is much more human than it was ten years ago." Online giants like Amazon were looking for cooperation with brick-and-mortar retailers to attractively expand their assortment in their marketplaces. "But you have to work on fair terms," ​​said Schleicher.

In order to lure customers into the shops, the design of the sales area as a world of experience is needed in the future. In Germany, this is already visible in the big players. Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and Edeka have been taking billions for years to set up their "branches of the future".

On top of that. "Classic department stores have to become adventure centers with a comprehensive service character," Schleicher said, looking at the Karstadt and Kaufhof stores acquired by the Austrian René Benko. This could include a sports department, which could be used as a gym.

For example, Walmart, a US retailer, is turning to online gaming in rural areas. E-Sports is set to open e-sports arenas in seven Walmart stores this year with a professional e-sports provider.

Players can not only play and train on their own or in a team, but also try out new products. In addition, tournaments and other events are planned, according to the retail report.


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