Aldi stays with suppliers: Lidl will no longer use Tönnies meat

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Tönnies is the largest German meat producer. After the Corona outbreak, the company is criticized primarily for its working conditions. Discounter Lidl no longer wants to buy meat from Tönnies in the future. Competitor Aldi is loyal to the meat manufacturer – with one limitation.

After the Corona outbreak at the Tönnies meat company in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in North Rhine-Westphalia, the first supermarket chains are now taking consequences and restricting cooperation with the slaughterhouse. Discounter Lidl wants to do without Tönnies meat in the future. “As a precautionary measure, Lidl has been buying fresh meat temporarily from other meat suppliers in its supplier network since Monday as a precaution,” a spokeswoman told the “Handelsblatt”. Especially the Lidl own brand “Landjunker” consists of Tönnies meat.

The two other major discounters with Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord continue to purchase various meat products from Tönnies, especially for the own brand “Meine Metzgerei” – with one restriction. “No more goods are currently being delivered to us from the Rheda-Wiedenbrück location,” the company told the newspaper. “In order to avoid delivery bottlenecks due to the current situation, we are working together with our suppliers to ensure the supply of the corresponding meat products at the usual high level.”

Together with Kaufland, Lidl announced that it would completely forego contracts in its own factories and with suppliers of fresh meat and fresh poultry. This concerns the core areas of slaughter, cutting and packaging.

Tönnies is the largest meat supplier for German supermarkets. According to their own information, 750 tons of fresh meat and 100 tons of frozen convenience products are produced and processed in the slaughterhouses every day.

Tönnies also includes the “Zur Mühlen” group, which has been part of the group since 2017. Brands such as Böklunder, Zimbo or Gutfried come from “Zur Mühlen”. In the ready meals segment, Tillman’s Toastys, the Schnitzel Company, Tillman’s XXL Schnitzel and Tillman’s quality butcher are among the products with Tönnies meat.



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