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Aldi takes extremely popular beer in the range – with a low price

A popular beer from Austria is not easy to get anywhere in Germany outside the big cities like Munich and Berlin. Aldi is now adding it to the product range.

Mülheim / Essen – At the Gösser Radler even the weak, the German or regional beer will love everything. The naturally cloudy beer from Austria experienced a veritable hype in Germany. Especially in the summer, the light, sweet cyclist is very happy to drink.

Gösser cyclists at Aldi Süd: From 12th July in the assortment

Unfortunately, the cycling fans will say, one had to look for a long time for a supermarket, which has the tasty Gösser on offer. But discount giant Aldi will change that now. From the 12th of July Gösser-Radler will be on the goods list. The alcohol-free version is also available. Although Aldi offers only cans instead of the glass bottles, but they keep in the summer longer cold.

Gösser at the best price: Aldi ensures price battle

So far, Gösser was in Germany only at the big supermarket chains of Rewe, Edeka and Real to get hold of. It is already widespread in Munich. As one could expect from discounter Aldi, he stands out this competition from the price. Customers can save 20 cents per can in the future. The usual in the supermarket 99 cents presses Aldi on 79.

Aldi Nord does not pull with: Gösser cyclists only in southern Germany

In the north of the republic, however, one still has to look for Gösser. Aldi Nord will not offer the cyclist, although the sister company had recently announced a closer cooperation, especially in the product range. Maybe the hype spills but soon to the Aldi-North area. In Austria, the brand from Styria was recently voted the most popular cyclist in the Alpine republic.

After fines on the customer parking Aldi puts a punch on it and threatened a customer with a house ban because of a trifle. His wife complains. Currently, there is also another exciting thing in the supermarket: In a trend product collected Edeka hip buyer properly.

What is on it is apparently not always something in it. This is how an Aldi customer recently experienced an unpleasant surprise when he bought a baking baguette.

Video: This Aldi product is no longer free


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