Alec Baldwin

Refuses the blow …

In the parking lot fight

02.11.2008 19:21 PDT

Exclusive details

19:11 PT – Alec denied the allegations on Twitter and said, "Normally I would not comment on something that is so outrageously misrepresented as today's story, but the claim that I hit someone over a parking lot is wrong." The

1:30 pm PT Baldwin was just released and did not say anything when he left the police station.

12:56 pm PT – Baldwin was charged with abuse and harassment. He received a desk appearance ticket.Alec Baldwin was arrested on Friday morning in NYC … TMZ has learned.

Witnesses tell us … the actor got into a fight with another man in a parking lot near 10th Street and 5th Avenue. Our law enforcement agencies tell us that Alec had a friend who held the job for him, but the other man collapsed.

We are told Baldwin got angry, a quarrel ensued, and Baldwin punched the man in the jaw. The alleged victim, a 49-year-old man, was taken to the hospital.

A witness tells us that Alec screamed "F ** k off" during the fight. Policemen were called and Alec was arrested. Baldwin lives in the area.

Of course he loathes and mocks openly President Trump while he played him on "SNL" – so surprised the Prez at the arrest. What's shocking is how restrained he was.

Originally published – 11:35 pm PDT


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