Alec Baldwin is in trouble again. He was sued for $ 25 million.

Roice McCollum – according to AP – protested peacefully and legally. She was not among those who stormed the Capitol, after being questioned by the FBI “never stopped, arrested, or charged with any crime,” the lawsuit filed in Cheyenne District Court, Wyoming, USA said on Monday.

Last year, Baldwin sent McCollum a check for $ 5,000. to help the widow of her brother Ryle McCollum, who was among 13 American soldiers killed in a suicide bomb attack at Kabul airport on August 26.

In early January, McCollum published a photo of last year’s protests. On January 3, the actor sent her a message asking if she was the same woman who took his donation. McCollum confirmed she was in protest. “Protesting is perfectly legal,” he wrote.

Baldwin reposted the photo on his social media. Good luck, he wrote. Today the photo is no longer available.

The woman in the lawsuit stressed that the actor “clearly ignored” the fact that her participation in the protests was peaceful, which was also determined by the FBI. Federal court records reviewed by the Associated Press revealed no criminal charges against her.

After the photo appeared on Baldwin’s account, Roice McCollum received “hundreds of hateful messages,” including one that she was wished for “rape and death” and that her brother “got what he deserved.” In the post, Baldwin called the message “disgusting.”

According to the lawsuit, Baldwin did nothing to rectify the situation and, sharing the photo with his fans, “struck a match and blew on the fire.” Not only Roice McCollum got the death threats, but also her sister Cheyenne, and her brother’s widow – Jiennah.

In the lawsuit, Baldwin is accused, inter alia, of deliberate invasion of privacy and defamation. The woman demands $ 25 million. compensation.

Source: AP