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CelebritiesAlec Baldwin, 63, has come under fire again for calling the family of a deceased Marine on Instagram “January 6 rioters,” in other words, the people who stormed the Capitol in Washington last year and sparked riots. The family is furious and demands 22 million euros in damages from the actor. They also want the case to occur and a jury verdict to be reached.

Baldwin is no stranger to the family. After Marine Rylee McCollum (20) died in August at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the country, Baldwin came across an Instagram post from his sister Roice, 22, asking for money for Rylee’s widow and their family. baby. Baldwin then transferred 4,500 euros to contribute, according to court documents.

When Roice posted photos to Instagram of that infamous day in Washington on January 6, along with the caption “throwback,” the actor responded to the image. “Aren’t you the same woman to whom I transferred 4500 euros for the wife of your deceased brother, who fought for our country and died?”. Then Alec sent her a private message saying he deposited the money out of respect for what Rylee had done for the country. “But now you turn out to be just a rioter who wanted to kill the elections on January 6, damaged government buildings and are partly responsible for the death of a cop.”

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Roice didn’t go too deep into Baldwin’s message and responded briefly. “Protesting is completely legal and I have already spoken to the FBI. Have a nice day.” Because Baldwin posted screenshots of the conversation on his social media, Roice and her family received a lot of hate messages, which they said were “traumatic”. They also claim not to have been to the Capitol, but to the meeting of former President Trump that preceded it. The actor has since deleted the posts.


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