Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York after hitting a man after a dispute over a parking spot, prompting a comment from Donald Trump, whom the American actor regularly imitates. The actor punched the driver who had just parked his car in front of him, who was also looking for an empty space to park, not far from his house, in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, the American press reported. After the incident the police arrested him, while his victim had to be transferred to a hospital, said a spokesman for the New York police. Alec Baldwin was to be notified of his assault charge, the spokesman said. "I wish you good luck," Donald Trump commented a few minutes later, questioned by reporters in the White House grounds. With 60 years, Alec Baldwin has contributed to the most recent success of the program 'Saturday Night Live' with his imitations of the American president, which earned him in 2017 an Emmy, the most important award of television.
At first, the actor refused to give statements or respond to the humorous comments of the dozens of journalists who waited for him at the exit of the New York Police Department in Greenwich Village, in southwest Manhattan, where he was stopped. Then, on his Twitter account, he wrote: "The claim that I hit someone because of a dispute over a parking place" is false. "I want it to be recorded that I said that," he wrote. On the other hand, the authorities detailed, that the alleged victim of the attack of anger of the actor was hospitalized, although his injuries are not serious. The comedian has frequently criticized Trump and several times insinuated that he did not want to imitate him, although he ended up changing his mind forever. This year he was again nominated for the Emmy, but left empty-handed. The actor is known for his strong personality and his irascible nature. .


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