Alec Baldwin, the usually witty, ever-avid comic actor, was arrested on Friday in New York after allegedly beating a man for parking issues, the police said.

"He was taken into custody," NYPD spokesman Sgt. Vincent Marchese confirmed to USA TODAY. He is now in the 6th district of the NYPD awaiting indictment.

The police said Baldwin was arrested around 13:30. ET after allegedly beating a 49-year-old man in a dispute over a parking lot near 10th Street and Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village near Washington Square Park.

Allegedly, the other man rushed into a room where Baldwin was preparing to park in himself, and he was not satisfied. The victim was hit in the face and taken to a hospital where he was in a stable condition, the police said.

As TMZ and police reporters in New York seethed, the NYPD media bureau was bombarded with phone calls.

Baldwin, 60, lives in the 10th Street near the altercation and is often seen in the neighborhood.

Baldwin, an Emmy-winning comic actor recently known for playing President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," has been a frequent source of disapproval, especially in the media, and has previously been arrested in New York ,

He was arrested in 2014 after driving in the wrong direction on a street and refusing to present a police ID card.

At least twice in 2013, he came into conflict with paparazzi on city streets, especially when he saw her as a threat to his wife Hilaria or her newborn. When a photographer followed her to a store in August 2013, Baldwin grabbed him and closed his arms behind his back, as photos of the encounter show.

It was screamed, pushed and pushed. The cops were called, they showed up to split up and talk to both, but in the end, both decided not to bring charges against the other.

Baldwin was accused in June 2012 of shooting photographers in front of the city's Marriage Licensing Office, where he and his fiancée Hilaria Thomas had picked up their papers before marrying.

There was no arrest or indictment, but Baldwin later tweeted that "a" photographer "almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning" and ended up with the hasp tag "allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded".

In Washington, of course, the reporters needed to know what Trump thought just minutes after the news of Baldwin's arrest.

"I wish him good luck," Trump told reporters on the White House's South Lawn.

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