Alejandra Giraldo, from Noticias Caracol, said that before she was very poor

Recently, with the departure of Juan Diego Alvira from Noticias Caracol, there was a vacancy in the mornings of the newscast. In an interview with ‘Diva Rebeca’, the communicator Alejandra Giraldo took the opportunity to tell some details of the selection process to find the new face that would accompany her, as well as intimacies of his life that until now he had kept secret.

Giraldo assured that many companions passed, before the name of Andrés Montoya prevailed as the headline to occupy the space left by Alvira and ensured:

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“Being a good person is not easy. But I try to give my best to give my best. Many colleagues passed by in the mornings and all I wanted was to make them feel good because being new to a place is very difficult. It is about giving what one wants to receive. I hate people who believe they have the license to make you feel bad.

He also talked about his process to get to that chair that many presenters dream of. He said that he never thought he would achieve it and who had a very difficult life framed in poverty and difficultiesbut he has never wanted to use that as a fighting flag.

“I came with a lot of debt, I had to take out a credit card to pay for the moving. But I say it with pride. To be able to bring me the bed and the television that was the only thing I had. That which used to embarrass me, today makes me proud. At that time I was thinking why he touches me so hard and I looked“, said.

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The charismatic Alejandra added: “I arrived at a friend’s house, I came to sleep in bed with her in the same room. I had no clothes for Bogotá and I had no way to invest. I have to be grateful, I always wanted to be here and I never thought I could be here. I think that if he had believed in me sooner, everything would have happened faster.”

She even dared to say that they do tell her that she has a ‘wealthy face’ but that in reality she has done it by hand and is not a millionaire as many believe. Alejandra participated in a reality show in Antioquia that was looking for a presenter for the channel and after a selection process among thousands of applicants managed to reach the three finalists. But she failed to win.

“I have never told this. One had to call to vote and I had no money to call to vote. People don’t know how people build their stories and I never talk about it. Yes, I was very poor and I fought, I don’t talk about it, ”she assured.

The funny and thoughtful interview can be seen here: