Alejandro Gil’s third Covid vaccine in CLC: reserved PDI report reveals statements in criminal investigation

For this Tuesday, September 20, at noon, the trial hearing was scheduled for the labor lawsuit filed by the nurse Carla Garrido against Las Condes Clinic (CLC), but for the fourth time the meeting had to be suspended. The professional was fired a few days after The Third PM reported that the president of the board of directors of the private health center, Alejandro Gil, had applied a third vaccine against Covid, without authorization from the Ministry of Health, being in July 2021 the first Chilean to receive it.

A little over a year after the controversy, today the conflict maintains two judicial flanks that are still open. In the First Labor Court of First Instance of Santiago, the labor dispute is aired and, in parallel, the front is in criminal court. This, after CLC filed a complaint with the Public Ministry for the alleged responsibility that falls to the nurse in disclosing the case, violating the rules of patient confidentiality.

In the framework of the labor litigation, on September 15, CLC’s lawyer, Alfredo Valdés, in order to argue that the nurse violated the patient’s guarantees and, therefore, was correctly fired, presented a report from the Investigative Police (PDI) that is part of the criminal record.

The summary concludes that “it was not possible to determine the person or persons responsible” for leaking Alejandro Gil’s vaccination. This, after that although it was determined that the nurse Carla Garrido entered the so-called “adverse event”, reporting Gil’s third vaccine, “it is not certain if she was the one who showed the victim’s information to third parties, it could be another site employee.”

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However, the document reveals -for the first time- the statements that executives and doctors made in favor of the president of CLC.

According to the report, on November 21, 2021, the cardiologist Héctor Ducci gave a statement at the Bicrim de Las Condes facilities. The specialist has been working at CLC since 1988 and is one of Alejandro Gil’s treating doctors.

In his account, the doctor admitted that he ordered the president of the clinic to perform a Spike antibody test, due to the risk to which he was exposed when touring the medical facility, considering the diseases he suffers from and the high number of people hospitalized for Covid.

“On July 3 of the current year (2021), in the morning hours, Alejandro Gil calls me by phone, telling me that the results of the anti SARS-CoV-2 (Spike) test showed that he did not have any type of antibodies, which is why, by this same means, I tell him ‘Alejandro you should get vaccinated, due to your condition’”, detailed the PDI document that cites the doctor’s statement.

Alejandro at no time pressured me to be able to inoculate himself with this third dose, as public opinion might think, this due to the position he holds in the clinic, since, as I mentioned earlier, it was I who advised him to carry out said procedure, given the high-risk factor presenting”, detailed Ducci.

Another story that is included in the PDI report is that of Guillermo Gajardo, former comptroller of Clinica Las Condes, between September 2013 and the same month of 2021.

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According to his statement, on Saturday, July 3, the executive was in the CLC facilities when he met Alejandro Gil, who told him that the results of his exam were not as expected, so a third dose of vaccine had to be applied, which is why who that same day accompanied him to the vaccination sector, along with Christian Bezzenberger, commercial manager of CLC and Andrea Gaete, former head of the nurses.

“As the days went by, I saw that the press was aware of Alejandro’s vaccination process, which was clearly reserved, generating a stir at the Las Condes Clinic, where In my role as comptroller, I did not receive instructions regarding conducting an investigation related to the leak of this information, limiting ourselves as an area to reviewing the process of receipt and custody of vaccines delivered by the Minsal.”, he explained.

He also pointed out that he had no evidence to know who could have leaked Alejandro Gil’s vaccination information, however, through “corridor rumors”, he learned that a clinic professional had prepared an “adverse event”, which is a medical procedure, where when entered into the respective systems, this information is channeled by a large number of officials of the medical facility, making it difficult to determine who was the person who revealed this procedure.

“Regarding the entry of this adverse event, I want to be emphatic that I am not sure who could have entered it into the system, since as I said before, I found out informally, without remembering the person who told me about this situation,” he added.

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For his part, Christian Bezzenberger, commercial manager of CLC, declared that he accompanied Alejandro Gil to undergo a new vaccination. In the place were the two Tens (Michelle Bernazar and Maritza Soto) who carried out the inoculation. According to him, this was reported to the Ministry of Health on the first business day following the vaccination process, on July 5, 2021, carrying out the corresponding procedure called EPRO Vaccination Programmatic Error.

“A few days after Don Alejandro Gil Gómez applied the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, through the press and social networks, we learned that this event of Alejandro had been made public, which violates all his rights as a patient, before an episode that should not come to light for any reason, “said the executive.

“Upon learning of this leak of information, the medical director and controller staff began to inquire about this event, realizing that a nurse from the Las Condes Clinic, named Carla Garrido Ortiz, had entered the internal system of adverse events, generating a document , specifically a form with the patient’s adverse events, which did not correspond under any circumstances, since in the first place, Carla Garrido was not present in Alejandro’s vaccination process, and second, it did not correspond to carry out the aforementioned adverse event “, concluded.