Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

Alejandro Goic: Our mission is to end abuses in the Church

The monseñor, in addition, pointed out that “our will is to fight to eradicate this evil”.

Alejandro Goic. Photo: Agency One

On Monday, the Committee for the Protection of Children of the Episcopal Conference met with the victims of the Marist Brothers.

Alejandro Goic, Monsignor in charge of the organization, spoke about the crisis of the Church in Chile: “We are committed because it is our mission to continue working so that these issues of abuse can be over.” This morning we listened to their testimonies and we share the pain for what they lived ”

Regarding the Pope’s call to meet with the Chilean bishops, the ecclesiastical authority noted that ” our will is to fight to eradicate this evil . It is the greatest pain I have experienced since I am a priest. ”

Finally, Goic said that “the important thing is that all the Catholics of Chile pray that one before and one after in this meeting. This pain will bring a renewal to our beloved Church. ”

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