Alejandro Toledo has 15 days to present his response to the request to return to preventive detention

The ex-president Alexander toledo You have until Friday, October 15, to present your answer to the United States judge Thomas Hixon against the request made by the Prosecutor’s Office of that country to return to preventive detention until his extradition to Peru is defined.

The magistrate adopted this measure after learning of the prosecutor’s request against Toledo Manrique, who is required by the Peruvian justice as a result of the case of the South Interoceanic Highway, sections 2 and 3, linked to Odebrecht.

Through a resolution, to which he had access RPP News, the judge determined that, after the Peruvian ex-president presents his defense, the United States Attorney’s Office must exercise his right to reply no later than Friday, October 22.

Following the response of both parties, the judge Thomas Hixon You must call a hearing, where you will announce your decision regarding this request from the US Attorney’s Office.

About extradition

As is known, this week, Judge Hixon concluded that there was probable cause for the ex-president to be extradited to Peru for the Odebrecht case; although the final decision on this matter is made by the United States Department of State.

The us prosecutor Rebecca Haciski He requested that Alejandro Toledo return to prison in this country, maintaining that he can no longer benefit from the house arrest that he has been serving since March 19, 2020 and because he presents a significant risk of escape.

After the declaration of Judge Hixson, the former president announced that he will file a habeas corpus action, alleging that his right to defense was not preserved, a remedy that, if admitted for processing in the United States, could temporarily suspend his extradition process. .

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