Aleksandra ¯ebrowska showed the photo after giving birth. The son’s name differs from that reported in the media

Aleksandra ¯ebrowska in an interview for “WP Women” said that she had always wanted a large family. Soon after it turned out that they were expecting another child. Ola informed the fans about her blessed condition in a rather unusual way. She posted a photo on her Instagram with a plate filled with mustard sandwiches and pickled cucumbers. Everything indicated that they were pregnant whims. Since then, she has decided to systematically treat her fans with news about the long waiting time for a child.

Aleksandra i Micha³ ¯ebrowscy pokazali synka

The popular couple’s baby was born on August 5. The new family member was given a beautiful, but unusual name – Feliks. Proud parents published pictures with their children. The first one was praised by Michał, who showed how he holds his offspring in his arms. His face expresses more than a thousand words. You can see that the child will be the apple of the actor’s eye. The director of the 6th Theater greeted the child under the photo, adding his first name and thus revealed what they had named the child.

Cze¶æ Feliks

– wrote the Director of the Theater, 6th floor.

In turn, the proud mother took a selfie in the hospital with her newborn son pressed against her breast. Ola provided the photo with a very minimalist description, adding only a heart emoticon. You can see that the woman is really happy.

Let us remind you that Micha³ ¯ebrowski and his wife, Aleksandra ¯ebrowska, have been a happy marriage for over ten years. They are separated by a considerable age difference – 15 years, but they do not mind it at all. The wife of Michał ¯ebrowski uploads a lot of photos on Instagram, of course there are also her relatives – husband Michał and two sons – Franciszek and Henryk. Now Feliks has joined the wonderful group. To his surprise, ¯ebrowski denied the numerous media reports that had speculated that the boy would be named Felicjan.

The ¯ebrowskis were flooded with comments. Congratulations were expressed by colleagues from the industry, including: Barbara Kurdej-Szatan, Mariusz Przybylski, Edyta Pazura, Maja Bohosiewicz and Lara Gessler, who will soon become a mother herself for the first time.

The meaning of the name Feliks

Feliks is a responsible, obligatory and extremely flexible person to the actions of others. He is cautious on a daily basis and can avoid a thunderstorm gathering over his head. His mind is analytical because it can grasp thousands of details, and the sense of the moment avoids trouble. He is a lucky guy who believes in his own abilities. She loves adventures and loves taking on new challenges. She is optimistic about her new plans. He is the dominant individual in a relationship and does not shy away from tenderness.

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