ALEPS Award: Rewarded Counterpoints                               Culture         Alexis Vintray and Frédéric Mas received the 2018 Journalistic Freedom Award, presented by Pascal Salin and the ALEPS jury.


Alexis Vintray and Frédéric Mas received the 2018 Journalistic Freedom Award, presented by Pascal Salin and the ALEPS jury.

By the writing of Contrepoints.

Pascal Salin

Thursday, December 6, the ALEPS, the oldest think tank of the French Liberal galaxy, presented two awards at its annual general meeting. Pascal Salin presided both the jury charged with rewarding the "prize of the liberal book" and the "prize of journalistic freedom" for the year 2018.

The price of the liberal book 2018 to Jérôme Perrier

George Lane and Pascal Salin

This is the book of Jérôme Perrier published Belles Lettres dedicated to the philosopher Alain who was distinguished this year. Far from the caricatures that make this author an essayist for terminal classes or confined to media controversies of the moment, Jérôme Perrier was able to paint the portrait of a liberal left, companion of radicalism and whose original democratic individualism deserved a great deal. rigorous, liberal and scholarly historical re-examination. It is now done. Among the previous winners of the prize awarded by Aleppo, we find Philippe Fabry, Patricia Common, Alain Laurent or Jean-Philippe Delsol.

The price of journalistic freedom to Alexis Vintray and Frédéric Mas

Pascal Salin and Frédéric Mas

The second part of the evening was devoted to the journalistic freedom award, which this year rewarded Alexis Vintray, the former editor-in-chief of Contrepoints, and Frédéric Mas, one of his current journalists. Alexis Vintray initiated the project Contrepoints and carried it for a long time, before yielding his place of editor to Ludovic Delory.

He is at the origin of his professionalisation and his development, while becoming involved in the association which financially supports the site of liberal news. For more than 4 years, Frédéric Mas has been the editorial and content editor of the online journal, in close collaboration with the editorial team and his colleague for the Séverine Berthier weekend.

This prize rewards the work of a whole team of enthusiasts who continue, year after year, to a better knowledge of the liberal thought through the analysis and the criticism of the current events. It was also an opportunity for Frédéric Mas, present at the event, to salute the ALEPS 'constant work for freedom, as Contrepoints partners in their daily commitment.


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