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Alert 1 Corona, These Are Strict Rules in Bandung City Restaurants

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COVID-19 in Greater Bandung is raging. The West Java Provincial Government has set alert 1. Restaurants, cafes and restaurants that were previously given 50 percent relaxation and can eat on the spot are now banned.

The policy was decided by the Mayor of Bandung, Oded M Danial, in a limited meeting attended by the Forkompimda of Bandung City. “Only takeaway, can not dine in“Kadisparbud Bandung City Dewi Kania Sari at Bandung City Hall, Wednesday (16/7/2021).

Not only that, places to eat in malls must also apply these strict rules. “Restaurant inside the mall only takeaway, there can be no dine in. For two weeks, it will take effect tomorrow,” said Head of the Bandung City Trade and Industry Office, Elly Wasliah, in the same place.

Previously, the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, set the Greater Bandung area on alert one. This is because two areas in Greater Bandung are included in the red zone.

“We declare that the Greater Bandung area is on standby for one Covid,” said Emil — Ridwan’s nickname — at the Siliwangi Military Command III, Jalan Aceh, Bandung City, Tuesday (15/6).

Emil said that the determination of Alert One in Greater Bandung followed the existence of two areas that were categorized as red zones. The two areas are known to be West Bandung Regency and Bandung Regency.



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