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Stylo.ID – This seasoning is certainly no stranger to you, Stylovers!

To enhance the taste of the dish, garlic is often included as a seasoning.

Garlic is indeed rich in benefits and can be used as a natural remedy for various diseases.

Even so, not everyone can freely consume garlic.

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Even some people are advised not to consume garlic because it can be harmful to health.

Garlic is a traditional medicine that is widely used to treat or prevent various diseases.

Such as hypertension, high cholesterol levels, coronary heart disease, reduced blood flow due to narrowing of the arteries, heart attacks, to atherosclerosis.

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Therefore, garlic is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial and healthiest foods.

Garlic contains an active compound called allicin.

This compound is very efficient in lowering blood pressure.

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Medical experts agree that garlic helps relax blood vessels to prevent the formation of a hormone known as angiotensin II.

In addition, garlic is very useful and efficient for controlling LDL cholesterol.

Garlic adds a great flavor to the food.

But it is also very useful as a natural health remedy.

A doctor said, garlic is one of the best immune-boosting foods that can be found in grocery stores.

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According to the latest research, people who consume garlic every day can reduce the chance of catching colds and colds by 63 percent.

Many people prepare garlic oil.

And this natural oil has the ability to speed up the treatment of ear infections.

Dangers of Garlic Consumption

Apart from all the benefits it has, garlic has proven to be dangerous.

It is important to note, eating raw garlic can cause heartburn, nausea, bad breath and unwanted body.

Also too much garlic consumption, can cause mouth ulcers.

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1. Disrupting the liver

Eating too much garlic can actually hurt our liver.

This is because garlic can poison our liver, but it will not poison other organs, lo!

2. Create diarrhea

Must be careful if we consume garlic when the stomach is empty, because it turns out garlic can make us diarrhea!

Garlic is a food that is known to make excessive gas in the body, so it can cause diarrhea!

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3. Dizziness and headaches

Eating garlic, especially when eaten raw can actually cause dizziness and headaches.

Although the main reason is unknown, researchers believe that this can happen because garlic stimulates certain nerves to release neuropeptides.

This can cover our brains. As a result, we are more easily dizzy and headaches.

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4. Change your sense of sight

Although it sounds strange, but excessive garlic can change the function of our sense of sight, lo.

There is a condition called hyphema, which is a condition when there is bleeding in our eyes.

Well, eating excessive garlic can actually aggravate the condition of this hyphema and potentially lose our sense of sight.

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5. Damaging the kidneys

Not only the liver, it turns out the kidneys can also get into trouble if we overeat on garlic.

Garlic can cause kidney hematoma, which is a condition when there is swelling of blood in kidney tissue!

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