Alert for the delivery of pamphlets in Barranquilla and the metropolitan area

A new alert was generated in the barranquilla trade and its metropolitan area after the apparent massive delivery of flyersin about eight identified neighborhoods, alluding to the criminal gang ‘the costeños‘ and signed by a subject who calls himself ‘Commander Hernandez’.

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Such a letter carries a message, which is basically a judgmentin which they force the merchant, mostly shopkeepers, to call within two hours or not, it will be declared, supposedly, military objective.

“You have two hours to get in touch, if not you, your family and workers we will kill them. They will be declared military objectives of ‘the costeños‘. We invite you to make your contribution to the cause. We do not want godparents or to call the police ”, could be read in the documentin which he also seals the sentence with exclamation marks: “If you don’t pay we will kill them”.

Followed by the aforementioned pseudonym, a phone number and the clarification that the victim I only had to communicate by WhatsApp.