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Álex González: «People tell me that they took me from Tirria»


Despite falling down a cliff in the last chapter of the first season, Mario Mendoza is back. ‘Living without permission’, which Telecinco broadcasts today at 22.40 hours, returned to the small screen last week with 2,281,000 viewers and a 16.4% share of the screen. Álex González (Madrid, 39 years old) is also back, present in this second installment.

-How did you hear about the death of your character?

-I read the script and it was another ending, but one morning a break came, I was reading it, and it turns out that Mario and Nemo argue on a cliff, Nemo pushes him, Mario falls, and the end of the chapter. And I: ‘Hey, you killed me and you didn’t warn me’ (laughs).

-But that hasn’t stopped him from being back.

– I really wanted to be in this second season and I think the way they have solved it is very good. Mario will be very present, continuing with plots that were already in the first season. It is a renewed Mario. It’s like metaphorically his manipulative and ambitious part has died, and a more altruistic and generous one is born.

-What has this series contributed?

-Professionally, face for the first time a villain of those characteristics. And personally, that on the street people tell me that they have taken a bit of tyranny (laughs). I have learned a lot with this character. It has a wonderful bow.

-Why does that tandem work between José Coronado and you?

-I do not know. When the first season of ‘The Prince’ had not yet premiered, I remember that the producers were telling us that we had a lot of chemistry. More even than with female characters. I didn’t know what they meant, but I felt very comfortable working with José. Sometimes there is that luck and the relationship you have in real life is extrapolated to the screen. I think that is what happens. It is not a master formula, much less, but hopefully it is so and the producers continue to see us well and hire us as a ‘pack’.

-What is it like to shoot with him?

-It is very magnetic and powerful in the shootings. He is a man so focused on what he does and so capable and generous, that he is not only his own, but in all departments. In fact, I think many times that if he concentrated only on his own, it would be much more than it is now, because he is aware of the makeup, the hairdresser, the light, that you don’t step on the line. It sets everyone’s bar high.

– Will they coincide again in another project?

– At the moment we do not have it. But I trust that the profession will unite us again.

Produced to producer

-What is he focused on now?

-In 2018 I saw a documentary (‘Cassandro, the Exotico!’) About a story that I really liked to tell it from the character’s point of view. As nobody produced it, I began to move forward on my own, not knowing that what I was doing was being a producer. I have dedicated much of 2019 to co-write the script, to buy the rights to the novel and to get to know the character a lot, who is a Mexican fighter who lives in Texas. Now I am going to make a ‘break’, because it is endless, and more to me, that neither I am nor want to be a producer, but I have been forced to do so. Apart from that, at the end of this month I start a series for Amazon called ‘Three roads’, in which, curiously, I am Mexican.

– Is that project changing your perception of the industry?

-Totally. Now I value much more that privileged place that we have the actors within the industry. In the end, we are the visible face, but. Let’s see, I don’t want to say that we are the least important, but it is true that we don’t have the maximum responsibility. Raising a project is very difficult, and I have already known how important it is to shape and carry out something as fragile as an idea, that if you don’t write it you can forget it. Having to worry now alone and exclusively to interpret is like being on vacation.



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