Alex Saab’s belongings are taken from the seized mansion

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After the Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement on June 9, in which he stated that several properties of the questioned businessman Alex Saab would enter the domain extinction process, on Wednesday images arrived at the EL HERALDO newsroom in which it is seen how , supposedly, they are taking belongings from one of those properties.

This is the mansion located in the Riomar neighborhood and which has an approximate value of 28 billion pesos. The photo sent to this media shows that two trucks are parked outside, and in one of them there are some elements that would have been taken from the property.

A source from the Prosecutor’s Office consulted by EL HERALDO confirmed that although there are precautionary measures on that and eight other assets of the aforementioned figurehead of Nicolás Maduro, this mechanism only applies to the possession of the assets, that is, “that these places are not they can market in any way, but this does not imply that the Prosecutor’s Office extracts elements that are inside. Once the process is completed and the fate of these properties and what is inside is defined, then it can be done, on the part of of the plaintiff or the holder, the extraction of the elements, “explained the source.

This would indicate that the investigating entity would not be the one that removed the assets from the mansion. “In addition, these processes can take time and an inventory must be made of everything that is inside the assets, that is practically untouchable for a good time,” said the official from the Prosecutor’s Office, which would imply that the elements would have been extracted by the inhabitants or owners of the property, since this is particularly in the name of a “society that would have served as a facade to hide the money obtained by Alex Saab, through a company with which he made fictitious imports and exports that they represented losses to the Colombian state, “the prosecution said in a statement.

Currently, Alex Naín Saab Morán is detained in Cape Verde (Africa) pending the decision to be taken regarding the extradition request made by the United States.



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