Russian fighter of mixed styleAlexander Shlemenkocommented on the incident involving his ward Timur Nagibin in the battle with Georgy Karakhanyan in the ACB 90 tournament. At the end of the first round, Nagibin hit a lying opponent in the face for which he was disqualified. Subsequently, this incident turned into a fight between fighters outside the ring.

– Timur did not hear the gong, I did not hear the gong, so I do not understand why he was disqualified. I think this referee worked unprofessionally. He did not tell the fighters that the round was stopped. There was a serious misunderstanding in which there is no guilt Nagibina. He hit an opponent, because he was sure that the fight was not stopped. And who would hit in his place? – said Shlemenko (Mikhail Potapov)



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