Alexandra Borbély posted a heartwarming photo of her baby

Alexandra Barber she has already shown that she acts absolutely responsibly on social media when it comes to representing her twin babies. Like so many celebrities, she also follows the principle of always showing only a small, but all the more sweet, detail of her children, taking care to ensure that the babies’ faces are never visible. A few days ago, she showed her little daughter Franciska her clenched fist, and now she showed a picture of baby Elza, who is already sure that – together with her brother – she inherited the beautiful, thick and dark locks of their father, Ervin Nagy.

Parents’ little pride

The arrival of the babies on October 12 was very discreetly announced with a birth certificate “Hey everyone! here we are in the world!!!!” with accompanying text. Since the little ones arrived before the time prescribed by the doctors, they spent a few weeks getting stronger at the Péterfy Hospital, but the next milestone, when they could go home, called for a photo. “A bunch of Bigs are going home” – said actor Ervin Nagy next to the picture, in which his wife Alexandra Borbély can be seen hugging the twins. The actress also celebrated that they can finally go home, she said goodbye to the hospital with a beautiful black and white photo and a thank you to the nurses and doctors working in the hospital.


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Important milestones followed one another

Alexandra Borbély and Ervin Nagy have been a couple since 2017, and the film that brought them together is a major milestone in the actress’s life. With Ildikó Enyedi’s movie Body and Soul, the actress earned the award for the best actress in Europe, while the film itself made it all the way to the Oscars, where, although it didn’t make it in the end, it introduced a whole world to the special and sensitive love story. The couple got married in the summer of 2021, and a year later they happily reported the great news that their family will soon be expanding – with two little girls, as they are expecting twins. “I said from the beginning, if the Good Lord wants to make fun of you, Ervin, then you will have daughters, two more” – the actress told jokingly in the RTL program “Reggeli” during the summer.

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