Alexandre Bécognée explains why Montpellier is less popular than Toulouse or Toulon

Montpellier Alexandre Bécognée spoke via RMC Sport to discuss the upcoming Top 14 final, Friday evening at the Stade de France, against Castres Olympique.

When the journalist asks him if the MHR is less liked than the other teams in the championship, Alexandre Bécognée sees a certain logic in it.

He asserts that Montpellier does not have the same past as Toulon or Toulouse and must therefore win titles to prove his talent. Extract:

“If we start asking questions now, it would be silly. We are going to give everything for this final, rest well and work hard to be at the top for this final.

We are less liked by the general public because we don’t have the past of a Toulouse or a Toulon. It is up to us to prove what we are worth and it is by the titles that you prove what you are worth. It’s up to us to mark the history of the club and win this Top 14 final.”

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