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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that for now she can not pay rent in Washington DC and Fox News mocks

The elected representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded Friday to the mockery of commentators from the Fox News news network who doubted she did not have enough money to rent an apartment in Washington DC, where she will transfer a large part of her work when she assumes the position next month of January.

On Thursday, he revealed that he will have to wait for his new salary to be able to rent in the capital of the country.

A Fox News panel laughed this Friday at the 29-year-old congresswoman, the youngest to reach the Congress, when discussing her personal finances. Although they recognized that renting in DC is very expensive, commentator Judy Miller said that the comments of Ocasio-Cortez had a political intention.

For his part, Ed Henry said that was contradictory with the photos he took with designer dresses after surprisingly winning the primaries of his party.

"She had those thousand-dollar dresses that could pay a month's rent in Washington DC," she said.

Via Twitter, the young politician responded saying it was "very revealing to see how cheerfully Fox News presents jokes about working class people" and then add: "Reveal what they really think about us".

The most recent employment of Ocasio-Cortez was attending a bar in New York.

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Ocasio-Cortez launched his candidacy based on a progressive agenda, one of the most oriented to the left within the Democratic Party. He insisted on the need for a universal health system, on rescuing the wages of the working class and on redistributing the budget towards matters that she considers more vital for the Americans, as a free university education, or at least affordable for those who have fewer resources.

It is based largely on the program that catapulted the presidential aspiration of the now re-elected senator Bernie Sanders, for whom Ocasio-Cortez worked as a volunteer in his 2016 campaign.

In another tweet, the elected representative said that 40% of Americans struggle every day to pay for basic needs such as food and housing. "As much as @FoxNews likes to mock the working class, the real scandal is that at the point of most wealth in our history, we are in one of the most unequal" and then add: "Most Americans are barely surviving".

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The "niuyorrican" that won the establishment of the Democratic Party in New York (photos)


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