Alfa and Alpek sink in the stock market

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“We think it’s a weak report, although already anticipated. After knowing the information in detail, we confirm our vision that the company faces a challenging landscape, ”Areli Villeda, an Invex analyst, said in a report, and the firm made it clear in its projections for 2020, where it estimates that this year your income and your Ebitda will fall 7% and 36%.

Petrochemicals is one of Alfa’s most important business units, representing 56% of its operating flow (Ebitda), so if Alpek stumbles, its parent company does too. Last year, Alfa’s revenue and Ebitda fell 8% and 20%, its weak results are also a consequence of another of its units: Nemak, the auto parts firm, which suffers from the cut in car production of some of Its main customers, such as General Motors.

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By 2020, the Regiomontan conglomerate estimates that its sales will fall 3% and its Ebitda will decrease 12%. “We believe that the guide was aggressive, however, it manages to capture the challenging macroeconomic environment to which the company is exposed. This could cause high volatility in the share price of both the conglomerate and its subsidiaries, ”said Alain Jaimes, analyst at Punto Casa de Bolsa.



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