Alfa boss Romeo spoke about the third SUV, he wants to cover the most popular segments

According to some speculations, the third SUV in the traditional Italian brand’s offer could be called Brennero and could reach the markets in 2024.

The Alfa Romeo model range has been relatively poor in recent years, but next year we should look forward to the long-awaited new product, the new Tonale SUV. In 2024, according to many speculations, a third SUV could arrive, which would be classified under the Stelvio and Tonale models.

In addition, Jean-Phillipe Imparato, head of the Alfa Romeo brand, recently fueled this speculation in an interview with British journalists. According to him, the third SUV on offer would help the carmaker to cover the most popular segments, which should help to achieve better economic results.

I am convinced that if I want to get Alfa Romeo to the safe side of the profit and loss equation within 10 years, I must be in the largest segments in the world. They need to be in the B-SUV and C-SUV segments. The state in the corner brings no results,“Colleagues from Motor1 quote the words of the brand boss.

Imparato may have come across rumors from last year’s Italian press, according to which Alfa Romeo is working on the development of a model called Brennero. It is said to be a small SUV, smaller than Stelvio and Tonale, whose production should take place in Poland using the technical company Stellantis. On the market, the car could then stand up to Mini crossovers, for example.

The novelty could reach the markets in 2024, but we do not yet know what equipment it will hide under the hood. However, the imparato recently outlined that we will probably see purely electric Quadrifoglio models. It is thus possible that Brennero’s city SUVs may not escape some form of electrification. After all, Tonale, which will be introduced next year, will be the brand’s first plug-in hybrid.