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Alfa Romeo GTV 2021: a possible concept

Design made by Taekang Lee

The project would have been canceled by the brand

Alfa Romeo is working on a new sports car that will take on the name of GTV and that should start to be produced in 2021, although the latest news indicates the cancellation of this and other projects.

Despite this, there are many designers who dare to speculate on the possible appearance of the car. And that is the case of the designer Taekang Lee, that does not lose the opportunity to work on a sports car produced by Alfa Romeo, something that always arouses the interest of many enthusiasts, creatives and aspiring designers from around the world.

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<p> 	 	The certain thing is that the model of Lee can be summarized in extended. And, taking elements of current range of the Italian brand, such as the 4C and the Giulia, a <strong>GTV characterized by a rather delayed passenger cabin and a very long engine hood</strong>. All this is nourished by very strong and muscular lines, with a rather low roof and a short rear, which leads us to a two-seater. </p>
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<p> 	 	In the <strong>front of</strong> From the GTV we found thin headlights and a relatively small three-lobed grid, flanked by two large side air intakes and a lower one located below, at the base of the bumper. The <strong>rear </strong>It is quite striking too, with a triangular window and very pure lines, simple, without recharging, but that deliver a vision that combines strength and elegance. </p>
<p> 	 	Beyond the forms and design that it could have, the new Alfa Romeo GTV should be driven by the <strong>2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine</strong> that equip the Quadrifoglio versions of the Giulia and Stelvio, with 510 horsepower, but, given that Alfa Romeo is working in the perspective of electrification, it is possible to suppose that the V6 can be accompanied by an electric motor that would allow to reach more of 600 horses. </p>
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<p> 	 	But all this is if Alfa Romeo finally gives the green light to this project. The development seemed to start, but the latest news was that <strong>the 8C, GTV and E-SUV models had been suspended</strong>, if not canceled. A pity, because this GTV has some keys that would be perfect in a production model. </p>
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