Alföldi feels like he has been on the bench in his profession

He has been on the field for over thirty years Róbert Alföldiwho has achieved great success as an actor and director. Yet the director feels like he’s been on an “exchange bench” in his profession lately. THE DTK: I’ll take it with me In the new episode of the show, Alföldi spoke at length to Krisztá D. Tóth about whether she was worried for the first time in her life whether she would have a job later.

Photo: Press Club

“For the past five years, I remember how I was marginalized or slipped to the sidelines. I feel like I’ve been in a vacuum… I did everything I could to make it that way. On the one hand, I kept slapping and talking to my profession, so I am not so surprised that I don’t belong anywhere. It’s not been a problem in the past, but as I get older, there’s a growing need to belong somewhere. I am very disturbed to wonder if I will have a job. I never had to deal with it, but now I deal with it. ” said Róbert Alföldi.