Alfonso Herrera says that RBD left him psychological damage

Mexico City — Alfonso Herrera opened up and talked about his departure from Televisa, the unfair treatment he experienced as a member of RBD and the psychological damage he has suffered after passing through the group.

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In a revealing interview on the occasion of the recent premiere of the new film by Luis Estrada, Hurray Mexico!starring Herrera, the daily The country spoke with the actor, who said that working with the filmmaker is “the best.”

In addition, he recalled his time at RBD and the reasons why he will not be on the reunion tour. And it is that the actor has been the target of criticism since he announced that he will not participate in the tour of his old band, because there are those who consider that he wants to forget his beginnings. One publication even suggested that the condition for him to return from him was an exorbitant sum of money.

Herrera clarified that he has a greater love for art that has nothing to do with economics and that his decision not to meet with his former colleagues is because his current projects make him happier. He also pointed out that he does not forget his beginnings, since he recognizes that they formed him to be the person he is today.

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I know that this project [la gira de RBD] it will be a resounding success and I have nothing but good wishes for them”, confessed the actor, who also wished the members of the group that they be well paid on tour, because in their time, when they started, most of the profits were absorbed by the television station.

“The television station that owns this project [Televisa] It wasn’t fair and it’s not a money issue, I’ll say it again, it has to do with a work issue, that we did a Los Angeles Coliseum with 63,000 people, for example, and they paid me 18,000 pesos [menos de $1,000] for that,” Herrera explained.

RBD’s scar

Regarding RBD, Herrera recalled one of the most difficult moments that the group went through during a fan event in Brazil, where three people lost their lives due to an avalanche of people. He acknowledged that to this day he has sequelae from that episode.

“To this day, I still have a bit of fear when I go to a place where there are a lot of people. We were alone and we supported each other because we did not have psychological support to be able to deal with this situation. It was very hard,” he confessed. “Years later we returned to Brazil, we met the relatives and I met the father of one of the girls who lost her life. That event marked me in a very profound way and no matter how much I try to turn it around, it is still there”.

From his participation in Hurray Mexico!, Herrera said that being part of the cast felt like working as a family. “I always want to be on a Luis set, not only because of the luck of telling that story, but because of the experience of being with him,” she added.

Working for the first time with Estrada on tape The perfect dictatorship It cost Herrera his exclusive contract with Televisa, but he doesn’t regret it. Herrera said that while the television station offered him a role as a “sexy priest” in a soap opera, he preferred to fulfill one of his goals, which was to work with Estrada.