Alfredo Adame sends personalized audios by mentioning madr * s on WhatsApp or calls

The candidate for federal deputy in Tlalpan continues to talk about what he does, literally, on WhatsApp or on a phone call.

Alfredo Adame is still a topic of conversation. Since he announced his candidacy for the federal deputation for the XIV District of Tlalpan, who was an actor and television host, he has not stopped being part of the trends in social networks, as dictated by the party he represents: the Redes Progressive Socials.

After getting involved in an argument with a motorist who was told by the mother * in the Ajusco in recent days, now Alfredo Adame has gone viral again thanks to a video in which he listens to launch a personalized insult to a citizen who calls their phone number, after it was made public through various digital platforms.

How custom?

Just as you read it: personalized. Through a video that went viral on social networks and was initially uploaded to TikTok, a citizen indicates that she will call Alfredo Adame to give her a “ching * sa tu madr *” in a personalized way.

The woman dials Adame’s phone number, which was also made public on social networks, and it is the same candidate who answers the call. “Good,” says Alfredo Adame. The woman responds: “Carnal, a mother’s talk to go to sleep at ease.” Adame replies: “What’s your name?” When the woman indicates that her name is “Paolita”, the now politician launches the personalized greeting.

“Hello, Paolita, how are you? I’m your friend Alfredo Adame and you’re going to ching * sa your reput * sima and reculer * madr *”, Adame is heard saying, amid the laughter of the woman who says goodbye by sending greetings to the candidate of the PES.

Reactions in networks

After uploading this video that has already accumulated more than 50 thousand views on TikTok, the comments were immediate, especially on the platform where it was originally uploaded by the user identified as Paolissh.

“Well, at least answer the phone”; “I liked it, give him his 25 million pesos!”; “He should sell madr * and he becomes a millionaire”; “I will call you to send greetings to a company of mine called Carlos Trejo”; “It is clear that this man has nothing better to do than answering the phone to talk moms”, are some of the comments they made in the publication of the TikTok user.