Algeria reproaches the “cold-blooded murder” of migrants at the Melilla fence

July 03, 2022 at 08:42 a.m.


The Algerian government has criticized the “cold-blooded murder” of sub-Saharan immigrants on June 24 during an assault on the Melilla fence in which at least 23 people died due to the response of the Moroccan Gendarmerie, according to official sources, although NGOs they believe the final figure could be much higher.

Specifically, the special envoy of the Algerian Government for Western Sahara and the Maghreb countries, Amar Belani, regrets the “cold-blooded murder of a hundred immigrants, according to a former high-ranking Moroccan official” carried out by “the security forces of the Majzen”, a term used to refer to the Moroccan king, Mohamed VI, and his entourage, who have real power over the government.

“Moroccan officials show a frightening autism by miserably continuing to defend a supposed humanist migration management and pointing to Algeria when it is public knowledge that the vast majority of these migrants have taken RAM flights”, the Moroccan flag carrier, Belani said in statements to the Algerian news portal TSA.

Morocco has claimed that the migrants entered the country through the Algerian border due to “deliberate laxity” at the border and has even claimed that the migrants were led by “experienced militiamen in conflict zones.”

For the Algerian diplomat, Morocco’s image is “definitely tarnished” and its “hands stained with the blood of African immigrants.”

“This blatant distraction was defused with the dozens of powerful reactions around the world and in Morocco that exposed the heinous, planned and systematic violation of the basic rights of these migrants who were subjected to a horrible collective punishment that will remain etched in memory of all Africans, the continent and the diaspora,” added Belani.

This “savage lynching” of migrants, with “disregard for the most elementary provisions of international humanitarian law, will remain as a red-hot mark on the conscience of those who like to play the role of police and those who support them on the other side” of the Mediterranean, alluding to the support of the Spanish Government.

At least 27 people, according to sources from the authorities cited by the official Moroccan press, died due to the intervention of the Moroccan security forces during the attempt of more than 2,000 sub-Saharans to cross the Melilla fence on June 24.

After the clashes, Moroccan security forces handcuffed and piled immobilized migrants on the ground in the streets of Chinatown in the city of Nador, images that have gone around the world.